What kind of documents do I need to rent a motorcycle in Croatia?

Motorcycle license for all motorcycles over 125 cc and a valid ID document, e.g.  passport for non-EU citizens or ID card for EU citizens.

To rent a motorcycle with MotoGS Rental Croatia you must be 23 or older, have a minimum of 3 years’ experience of riding motorcycles. Pay an insurance deposit of EUR 1.000 up to EUR 2.000 in cash or card and have a of course a helmet. If you do not have a helmet, we will provide one for you. The Deposit will be charged to credit cards and debit cards or in cash if preferred!

What kind of payment methods with MotoGS Rental Croatia are available?

You can pay via wire transfer or card payment on our booking system to confirm the booking and to reserve the requested motorbike model. All brands of debit cards and credit cards will be accepted. You can pay also in cash if you are ging to rent the bike directly in the shop.

What do I need to pay before renting a motorcycle?

To confirm the booking, we take at least a 20% down payment and the rest of the rental amount (80%) on the day of the rental. You can also pay 100% of the outstanding amount on the day of booking. Once on-site you will also be charged a deposit by the method of preauthorisation hold. Meaning, we reserve or “freeze” the equivalent amount (deposit or bond) depending on the model of the motorcycle you rent making the balance unavailable until the motorcycle is returned. This deposit is for motorcycle rental liability insurance in case of any damage or theft.

Can I reduce the deposit for motorcycle rental liability insurance to EUR 0.

Yes you can. There is a special insurer available, called HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung Germany. For more information, just follow the link. This insurance is recommended when you want to rent a motorcycle over a longer period.

What kind of equipment is included in my rental price?

Depending on the booked package, a motorcycle top case, and side cases. Taxes, and insurance, A very good feature, like a smartphone holder. The BMW Motorcycle ConnectedRide Cradle mount secures your smartphone in the cockpit and is more than just a simple holder. The smartphone can be used as a navigation device via the Connected app from BMW Motorrad and also offers valuable information such as acceleration, lean angle and much more. The holder can be adjusted to different smartphone sizes thanks to the individually adjustable holding arms and has the option of charging the end device inductively with a maximum of 7.5 W or via USB-C cable. Of course, the holder is lockable and provides the necessary security. The smartphone can be conveniently controlled using the switches and rockers on the left part of the handlebars using the navigation preparation control element, provided there is a Bluetooth connection.

300 free kilometres per rental day.

Is there a minimum of booking days applied?

Yes, a minimum of 2 days' rental is applied.

And the system calculates a 24-hour rent, which means when you reserve the motorbike you wanted, e.g., for 08:00 am to pick up, you must also return it at 8:00 am on the last day of rental.

How do I get from my hotel or Split Airport to the rental store and back?

If needed, MotoGS Rental offers an airport pick up and drop off of our motorcycles, if you want to jump into a Croatian motorcycle rental adventure straight from the airport to any location.

Is my non-EU driver’s license valid for renting a motorcycle in Croatia?

Usually, an international driver's license when renting a motorcycle in Croatia is not required. BUT, have in mind, without a special motorcycle license you will not be able to rent a motorcycle higher than 50cc in Croatia. EU licenses are valid through all EU countries. Non-EU citizens visiting Croatia may use the driver’s license of its origin country for up to three months without having to change it into an international one or a domestic one.

What in case of motorcycle damage?

Any motorcycle damage or theft is covered by the deposit of EUR 1.000 to EUR 2.000 Euro taken upfront before completing the rental process.

Crossing the borders e.g., to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Rumania and Montenegro and so on

Have your documents ready, such as your passport or national ID, the vehicle documents and proof of insurance (IVK - International Insurance Card with the country you want to visit), both of which you will receive from your rental company. In many countries, it is important to provide proof that you are allowed to travel to other countries with a rented motorcycle. It is therefore always advisable to have a border crossing permit from your rental company with you. If you need more information, read more about it on our blog.

Is it mandatory to wear a safety vest while riding in Croatia?

No, but it is highly recommended to be as visible as you can. But we always provide you with 2 safety vests, just in case. A helmet is required by law with a 150 Euro fine in case of not wearing your helmet while riding.

Also, motorcycle riders are required to ride with daylights on, during the summer and winter seasons.

What are the speed limit regulations for riding motorcycles or driving a car in Croatia?

Four general speed limits apply on Croatian roads:

  • 50 km/h (31 mph) within inhabited areas, or
  • up to 80 km/h (50 mph) where explicitly permitted,
  • 90 km/h (56 mph) outside inhabited places,
  • 110 km/h (68 mph) on expressways and
  • 130 km/h (81 mph) on highways.

Do you have to pay tolls on motorways?

Yes. As in almost all European countries, tolls are also due in Croatia. Only a few countries are exceptions in Europe.
The motorway toll is calculated based on the distance ridden. It is due at toll stations; a vignette is not required.
Motorcycles (including those with sidecars), trikes and quads belong to vehicle category 1A.
Sometimes you get a ticket at the beginning of the toll route, which is only paid for when you leave the section. The amounts can be paid in cash and by credit or debit card.

The Krk Bridge (Croatian Krčki most), which connects the island of Krk to the mainland, is toll-free, as is the Mirna Bridge between the Nova Vas and Višnjan junctions of the A9 in Istria. So far, no fees have been charged for the Pelješac Bridge, which opened in 2022 and leads from the Pelješac peninsula to the mainland.

Special charges apply for the approximately 5 km long Ucka Tunnel, which is located on the A8 motorway (Rovinj - Rijeka). The Sveti Ilija Tunnel on the D532 is no longer a toll road.
You can find more information in our blog.

What about alcohol limit regulations in Croatia, regarding riding a motorbike or driving a car?

The limit for riders with or over 25 years of age is 0.5‰. It is illegal to ride with more than 0.5‰ of alcohol in the blood system. For riders younger than 25 years it is absolutely forbidden to ride a motorcycle or drive a car on Croatian roads. The law is 0.0‰ alcohol for those under 25 years of age.

Severe fines apply should you reject alcohol and drug testing when stopped by the police. Yes, it is known, Croatia has the most amazing wines and tasty grappa, so please drink responsibly.

Crossing borders. What countries can I ride the motorcycle in?

MotoGS Rental is covered by the insurer in all EU countries plus Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Romania. A list of all countries is shown on the insurer list at IVK international insurance card (formerly green card), provided by us, and comes with your vehicle documents.

Also, always make sure you have written permission from your rental company that you can cross the border with the rented motorcycle. Of course, this always depends on the country you are visiting. This is for your own safety. Because some border posts do not allow you to cross the border without this permit. If you have rented a motorcycle from us and have declared in advance that you want to cross the border, then this permit will always be handed over together with the other documents when the vehicle is picked up.

Can I take my rented motorcycle on a ferry?

Yes, you can. But please, bring it back :-).

Croatian national ferry company provides an online booking system. To ensure you’ll reach your island destination, we recommend booking ferry tickets a couple of days prior to departure. Have in mind that in high season Croatian national ferry company Jadrolinija transports thousands of passengers, so be there on time. That means at least 2 hours before your departure.

What is important to know if I am booking a stay in Croatia?

Plan your trip ahead. High season usually means that city locations like Split and Dubrovnik are overcrowded and overbooked. However, there are tons of great locations for explorers like Gorski Kotar or islands. Free camping is not legal in Croatia, so if you plan to sleep under the stars and safe environment, make sure that your little private camp is well hidden. A valid option worth mentioning is official campsites. Mostly located along the coastline, should you feel tired and in need of rest, there are plenty to choose from without booking ahead.

But have in mind, it is always good to be prepared at least with a tent.

What about parking fees and free parking in Croatia?

Free parking spots in Croatia are rare and unique. But not for motorcycles. However, in Croatia, official parking locations provide free parking for motorcycles. It is relatively easy to search them up and park there if you are visiting a special location for a day or more. Also, try parking where locals do. Croatia is safe in terms of motorcycle theft, so most locals do not lock up their motorcycles. Usually, free parking locations are busy locations as well which reduces the probability of theft and damage. In the worst-case scenario, MotoGS Rental`s motorcycles are covered in the event of theft. Your motorcycle rental coverage goes up to your paid deposit and not one cent more.