Basically, when renting a vehicle, regardless of whether it is a car or a motorcycle, a deposit for possible damage to the vehicle must always be paid to your rental company.

Of course, the amount of the deposit always depends on the vehicle booked and the insurance package booked for it. When renting a motorcycle, the deposit is usually between EUR 1,000 and EUR 2,000. In individual cases, the deposit can even be up to EUR 3,000. 

We have found an economically viable solution for our customers in this context and have created a decisive advantage for our customers.

In cooperation with the HanseMerkur Insurance Company, we offer our customers an optimal opportunity to reduce the deposit due, for example from EUR 2,000 to EUR 0, just in case. In other words, in the event of damage, the HanseMerkur Insurance Company would cover the deposit in full up to EUR 2,500 and you as the customer and renter do not bear any costs in the event of damage.

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