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We have already tried out and thoroughly tested several navigation systems for our rental motorcycles or for our own route planning. But no matter what system, no matter what manufacturer, no matter whether online or offline, none of these systems ever delivered what they promised, or in other words, none of these systems ever met our expectations.

And now something like this. As is so often the case, BMW goes its own way and, above all, a different path. No matter what you all may think: I have certainly been a loyal BMW customer for over 40 years (okay, with a few slip-ups) and, above all, a BMW friend. In the past, however, I was more interested about cars than motorcycles. I know almost EVERY BMW and have owned all of the M models over the years. So, I know what I'm talking about when I say: BMW has always been one of the most intuitive car AND motorcycle manufacturer.


The new perfect partner with seamless BMW Cloud integration for enjoyable motorcycle experiences is here.

And this type of navigation is also possible if you only rent the motorcycle. So, if you do not own a motorcycle, you can rent a motorcycle with us, MotoGS Rental, and still enjoy those benefits regarding the new navigation area.

Always keep your goal in mind and head for the most beautiful locations south of the Alps, such as the Balkan countries.

With your personal BMW ID, all routes, recordings, and planning are synchronized between the navigator and your BMW Motorcycle ConnectedApp and are therefore available in your app on your smartphone at anytime and anywhere. Both the map material and the functions of the navigator always remain up to date because the navigator is connected to the Internet, for example via hotspot on your smartphone, and is therefore updated at any time.

The intuitive operation of the navigator via the multicontroller (on the left side of the handlebar) and the seamless integration of the smartphone set new standards in this product segment.

The whole world in one device. With the ConnectedRide Navigator you can plan, upload or download and manage your favorite routes. With My Rides you can evaluate all recorded rides in terms of speed, braking intensity, acceleration and lean angle. Traffic information updates in real time when you connect the ConnectedRide Navigator to your hotspot or use your own SIM card.

How do you start your next experience?

The 5.5-inch touchscreen display with high luminosity ensures optimal readability, even in direct sunlight. The BMW Motorcycle ConnectedRide Navigator fits seamlessly into the display network of the actual TFT display. The graphic design and user interaction are seamless and therefore enable seamless integration into the operating concept of the TFT screen and the BMW Motorcycle ConnectedRide Navigator.

Of course, the displays are also coordinated with each other in terms of light intensity, reflection and anti-reflective coating. How could it be otherwise? The new Navigator is charged via the BMW on-board network. So as soon as you have clicked the navigator into the BMW ConnectedRide Cradle and locked it with the ignition key, the device will be charged using induction. Alternatively, charging would also be possible using a USB-C cable, but this will be the exception.


The new all-rounder in terms of navigation and traffic information is a BMW in-house development and enables updates to be offered directly via the BMW Motorcycle systems. Like your smartphone, updates for functions and maps are actively notified. Updates are installed directly on the BMW Motorcycle ConnectedRide Navigator. The only requirement for this, as already mentioned, is an online data connection, for example through the hotspot on your smartphone.

Thanks to this approach, current traffic information, which is automatically updated in real time, will always keep you up to date while riding.

Touring with a motorbike rented from MotoGS Rental is even more fun. Because ALL of our motorcycles are pre-equipped for this navigation system and can be booked as an option in addition to your desired motorcycle.

Rent a motorcycle with BMW Motorcycle ConnectedRide Cradle and BMW Motorcycle ConnectedRide Navigator, download the BMW Motorcycle Connected app to your smartphone, create an account in your app and you are ready to go.

And how does it all work?
The BMW Motorcycle Navigator is part of the MyBMW Cloud. Accordingly, as a user of the BMW Motorcycle ConnectedRide Navigator, you can log in to your app with your newly created account and use it to connect your smartphone and the navigator.

Your advantage with this cloud solution:
You are independent of the respective navigation system, because this is certainly more than interesting and important with a rented motorcycle with an additional rented navigator.
For example, new route planning and routes you have already been ridden can be easily synchronized.

In this way, an individual route can be planned on any device (BMW app, PC browser, etc.), which is then immediately available on every registered device. Routes that were created in OTHER planning portals can also be imported into the MyBMW Cloud and therefore used on all registered devices.

Seamless smartphone integration for maximum functional convenience:
In addition, all smartphone functions and in particular media applications such as Spotify and telephony are centrally operated and coordinated via the new BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator. In particular, the volume can be controlled both as the master volume for all sources and individually for each source. All other devices such as the rider and pillion helmets as well as the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide smart glasses can also be connected to the navigator via Bluetooth and controlled accordingly. The personal contacts on the smartphone can be used directly on the navigator for telephony and routing.


When you get on your motorcycle, you have a goal. Maybe you want to get there quickly. Maybe you also want the trip itself to be an unforgettable experience. The navigator not only finds the route, but experiences. It is a route planner, experience memory and central communication system all in one. Thanks to the MyBMW Cloud integration, it automatically synchronizes with the BMW Connected app on your smartphone. This way you have everything in one place while you discover the most beautiful places and roads on the way to your destination.


Everything seems to be from a single source: both the graphic design and the user interaction. Hardware and software fit perfectly into the operating world of your BMW rental motorcycle. The intuitive screen design makes it easy to use at any time.


The hardware was designed for the requirements of motorcyclists, including the toughest use. It can withstand dust, severe shocks, freezing cold and extreme heat and can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. It even received IP69 certification.


The 5.5 inch touchscreen display offers optimal readability even in direct sunlight. TFT display and ConnectedRide Navigator work perfectly together. As soon as the navigator is connected, the telephone, navigation and media elements on the TFT display are grayed out.


While riding, the functions of the ConnectedRide Navigator can be operated easily and safely via the multicontroller. For example, to use your smartphone and make calls or listen to music via a streaming app, simply use your left thumb and move through the intuitive user interface. All other devices that are connected via Bluetooth can also have their volume controlled.

MotoGS Rental, your BMW rental agency in Croatia.
Renting a motorcycle in Croatia has never been so easy!



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