BMW-ConnectedRide Cradle and ConnectedApp

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BMW-ConnectedRide Cradle and BMW-Motorcycle Connected App

Riders of new BMW models have several options for using information and entertainment management on their motorcycles. Our BMW bikes are all equipped with the optional but ubiquitous navigation preparation. This is the central attachment point for attaching the BMW Motorrad Navigator V and VI – and now also the BMW ConnectedRide Cradle.

Of course, anyone can find a phone mount for just about any combination of phone and motorcycle cockpit or handlebar and place a phone within sight and reach of them. Connecting a 12-volt power supply to USB is often not difficult either, as many newer motorcycles have a USB port with power supply as standard anyway.

So let's enter the era of the BMW ConnectedRide Cradle and the free BMW Connected App, which is available for iOS and Android.
Simply install the app, connect your smartphone to the motorcycle via Bluetooth via the Connectivity Hub and you're ready to go.

The ConnectedRide Cradle actually only does a few things. But they are important things. It supports the phone, has wireless inductive charging, a USB-C port and integrates the smartphone with BMW's fabulous multi-controller on the left side of the handlebar (often referred to as the Wonder Wheel) for the desired operations of the smartphone without the phone itself having to touch.

The BMW Connected App offers many advantages: You can set a destination and follow it on the map. Since the app is linked to the motorcycle, you will see turn-by-turn and other instructions on the TFT display. If you've also paired it with your helmet's intercom, you'll also hear the spoken instructions.

A route can be set or planned by searching for a destination and clicking 'GO' to create a route. The GPX files can be imported, for example from your own cloud, where you have previously planned the desired routes and saved the files temporarily. Or, of course, you can use this method to transfer any pre-planned and prepared route recommended by third parties to your smartphone.

A little GPX tip. Garmin users often use the Basecamp program to plan a route and export a GPX file. However, Basecamp is not an easy-to-use product. Certainly not for those who do not deal with it on a daily basis. Therefore, create your route or routes in Google Maps using the Chrome browser and the additionally installed free GMaps2GPX extension. As soon as you plan the route in advance, you will be shown a GPX download symbol with which you can later save the file in your cloud and then transfer it later to your smartphone as required.

Google Maps is certainly not as detailed as Basecamp, but it has everything you need.

The BMW Connected app records every journey you choose and provides data such as start time and date, distance, journey time, average speed, minimum and maximum temperatures, minimum and maximum altitudes, as well as engine speed (rpm), leaning angle, acceleration and deceleration.
The app displays the journey in a playable motion graphic and shows you where you were on a map in real time. And all this in connection with the parameters mentioned before.

A real testament and memory for your last motorcycle adventure.

A testimony and good memory with the BMW-motorcycle, rented from MotoGS Rental.

Easy to use: 

1. Download the BMW Motorrad Connected app for Android or IOS.

2. Create an account in your new app and download all maps which are important or interesting to you.

3. Watch the video on YouTube to see how to attach the smartphone in the cradle.

4. Watch the video on YouTube to see how to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the ConnectedRide Cradle and then use it.





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