The MotoGS Motorcycle Rental Team


The MotoGS Motorcycle Rental Team

My name is Frank, a funny and above all sociable and young at heart motorcycle lover from Germany but living in Croatia.
I describe myself as open-minded and always interested in meeting new, like-minded people.
Especially when it comes to the questions: riding a motorcycle or experiencing exciting adventures on a motorcycle. In other words, I always have an open ear. And the good thing about it is that the motorcycle brand doesn't matter.

It's not just exciting to ride the roads and mountain passes of all countries on a motorcycle. It's not only exciting to travel the world on a motorized two-wheeler, but also to rent motorcycles. Sharing my hobby with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

How come we have set up our tents for motorcycle rental in Croatia of all places? A simple question requires a simple answer. After years of living abroad, such as New Zealand, Panama, and Colombia, I decided to do something in Europe again after so many years. Although I was born and raised in Germany, but Germany was not really an option as a new home in Europe. It was clear that what had already started successfully in South America and Oceania had to be continued - motorcycle tours and motorcycle rentals.

But why Split in Croatia? Well, Split is conveniently located and therefore strategically in the center of our events. Therefore, we offer our services throughout the Dalmatia region. Our location is not far from the most visited city in the Dalmatia region on the Adriatic coast. From here you can easily explore picturesque streets and islands. Split also has the main ferry port, which has ferry connections to the most beautiful islands of Hvar, Vis, Brač, and Korčula. It's not very far to Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia either.
What's even more interesting is that Split's new and modern airport is easily accessible from all European and even non-European airports. So, a wonderful country and a wonderful region that has everything you could need or imagine. Many of our current tour companions and customers come from Germany, but especially from France, England, and Spain. AND of course, from the USA, Canada and Down Under.

AND right here, here in Trogir, we have opened our service center and meet & greet for motorcycle rentals for you. Perfectly located and only 10 minutes bus ride from Split airport.
Here in Trogir we will help you find the perfect touring motorcycle. In our fleet we only offer you new and perfectly maintained BMW GS motorcycles for rent with just a few kilometers on the odometer. All motorcycles are absolutely fully equipped, with all the features that make riding a motorcycle a breeze. Even the new navigation generation from BMW is included.
The following models are available for you to choose from:

  • BMW F750GS,
  • BMW F850GS,
  • BMW F900GS Adventure,
  • BMW R1250GS,
  • BMW R1250GS Adventure, and
  • BMW R1300GS

You can order all motorcycles with different seat heights.

Now, of course, anyone who wants to explore Croatia or the Balkan countries by motorbike can travel with their own motorbike. But we have a different and personal opinion on this. Even if you travel from Germany, which is actually close by, for example, the journey there and back is at least 2000 to 3000 km. Add to that the time and money you have to spend getting here and back home. Overnight stays, possibly motorway sections with the associated motorway and tunnel tolls, fuel costs and tire wear and so on and so forth.
Then you have finally arrived here, and your tour should start here. So, another 3000 to 5000 km. Of course, everyone decides for themselves. We will definitely be the last people to advise you against traveling with your own motorcycle. The fundamental question is clear - what do YOU want? Do you want to enjoy the motorcycle trip to Croatia, or do you want to enjoy exploring the Balkan countries by motorcycle?
In our opinion, it is much easier and more convenient if you try to get a cheap flight ticket. And what do you do here after you arrive WITHOUT your own motorcycle? Well, you rent a motorbike here in Trogir near Split and follow our recommendations for tours through Croatia and the Balkan countries. Due to our home base and our own personal experiences here in Croatia, we can and will support you with lots of tips and advice.
So, we do what we have always done with the greatest passion. We rent motorcycles!

Let's start touring and rent your motorcycle at MotoGS Rental - Motorcycle Rental Croatia!
Your trustworthy motorcycle rental company where you can rent the best motorcycles south of the Alps.

The Balkans have so much to offer!
See you soon!



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