As always, the starting point of your route is our office in Kaštel Sućurac - Split, from where the roads take you southeast to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
You can start this tour from any location. As a little tip right at the beginning. We know a small guesthouse in Omiš, about an hour's ride from our office, south of Split.
This guesthouse, called Pansion Begić, welcomes all motorcyclists with great passion, because the owner himself is also a passionate motorcyclist and also a tour guide. So he has a lot of interesting information for you.

Tour Info


Your destination for the day will be a hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Ljubuški 88320.
There are around 220 km ahead of you and you will be on the road for between 6 and 7 hours. On your way you will get to know the most beautiful streets in the Balkans.
Your first destination will be the “Cetina River Canyon”. The route takes you to a wonderful viewpoint. You can take great photos there.
On this day you will continue across the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of the Busco lake. A large man-made lake surrounded by villages and hills, popular for swimming, sailing and fishing.

On the way to your hotel, you will ride a short distance through Croatia again, your destination is Lake Crveno.
A Dalmatian phenomenon: the beautiful Red Lake, into which no one has ever thrown a stone!
The mysterious, difficult-to-access lake, which could be the deepest lake in Europe, always delights fans of extreme sports, but also everyone who appreciates the beauty and power of nature. A water-filled karst pit near Imotski, known as Crveno jezero, is a wonderful sight and an inexhaustible inspiration for adrenaline junkies.

So one of the most beautiful karst lakes in Croatia and recognized worldwide as a natural phenomenon of the Dalmatian Zagora. Adventurers of all kinds visit it frequently, and a few years ago the Red Lake was also the destination of Ukrainian and French jumpers, who jumped into the air from the cliff and plunged into the vast blue while tied with a rope.
The fascinating pit owes its name not to the color of the water, but to the special red rocks that surround the lake.

Nearby you should also check out the Blue Lake, less than two kilometers away, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Croatia. There are well-maintained stairs leading up to this karst beauty, making this place also a popular seaside resort in the summer months. When the lake dries up, football is traditionally played on its bottom. The path to the Blue Lake requires some effort and fitness, but the walk is rewarded with a refreshment in the unreal blue water surrounded by mighty cliffs.

The day is coming to an end and you will again cross the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina the last few kilometers to your hotel. The route takes you directly to the Hotel Bigeste.
How many days you want to stay there is of course entirely up to you.

After you have decided how long you want to stay there, the journey continues back to Croatia, to Makarska. Makarska is located directly on the Adriatic and is a small Croatian coastal town worth seeing. Cozy and really Croatian. The tour datas take you directly to the picturesque promenade in town. Once there, you can take enough time to stop off at one of the restaurants there. You will not regret it.

Further on your daily distance of approx. 142 km you will partly travel along the legendary and well-known Jadranska Magistrala (D8). It goes up and down. You will cover a large part of it up in the mountains, with a magnificent view of the Adriatic.
Your destination for the day is the already mentioned guesthouse in Omiš. On your way there, you should make another larger stopover on the Vidikovac Dovanj. Because from here you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Adriatic coast.

The end of the day is Pansion Begić. As already mentioned, take advantage of the opportunity and let the owner Kristijan inspire you with further tours in the Balkans and especially Croatia. Many other tours can also be planned and carried out from this location. There are no limits to your desire to tour.

Your motorcycle rental service, MotoGS Rental.

Your “gpx” tour datas to download!
We are sure you will love this short trip!


Tour map

2-4 Days Motorcycle Adventure Tour - Route Bosnia Map